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  • Mckinsey M. Garton

March 14, 2018 from 10:00-10:17 AM - TODAY I had the great privilege of witnessing a group of courageous students take a stand against gun violence. As I stood watching this incredible group of young people, they gathered together in a heart of solidarity. I was overcome with an immense sense of pride.

Students took it upon themselves to organize and run today's walkout. They wrote speeches and poems to simply say,"Enough." What really struck me was how many of the speakers and organizers have a connection to our program.

Most of them have gone through our program, while others have been involved with us on a community level. I know we can't take the credit for how they came to this point, but I do know that we played some role, no matter how small, in forming the advocates they are today.

Adults can no longer ignore the words of our children. Many adults may feel that kids shouldn't be exposed to some of the terrible things plaguing our country. But this is their reality. They know more than we think they do. When they look back on their time here at Blazing Trails and Pathfinder I hope that our students will remember not that gun violence was a constant battle they needed to fight, but that the adults in their life stood with them when it mattered the most – that we stood with them to say, "Enough."

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