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*****Important information to remember about registration*****

Registration begins on Friday April 5th at 6:30 am. Any registration forms turned in prior to that time will not be accepted. If you have any questions about the registration process, please call our office.

Where do I submit my forms?

Click the button below to send us your form(s) directly. We will send you a confirmation email regarding your child's registration status as soon as your application has been reviewed.

Registration forms can also be submitted to the Blazing Trails Childcare main office at Pathfinder K-8 school.

Upload your Registration
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Thank you! Your submission has been received. We'll shoot you an email as soon as we can.

Other questions? 

Contact if you have questions about registration. For general questions, visit our FAQ.

Enrollment at Blazing Trails is open to children from age five through age twelve who are enrolled in school according to all our policies. Please, see our Inclusion Policy (310) for more information. According to state law, children who turn 13 years old are no longer eligible for enrollment. Parents/legal guardians can apply for their child’s enrollment by completing the Registration Form with signed Tuition Agreement and paying the nonrefundable registration fee applicable to the enrollment period, either summer or school year. Please, see School Year Rates & Fees (540) or Summer Rates & Fees (550) for more information. Enrollment is contingent upon space availability and the Director’s discretion.

Blazing Trails abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to childcare, in providing reasonable accommodations for children and families. If your child has special needs or disabilities, enrollment is contingent upon both the parents/guardians and our leadership staff agreeing that our accommodations will meet the safety, developmental and social needs of your child. We may determine that additional information is necessary to assess this such as speaking with your child’s teacher, checking IEPs or other paperwork, etc. If we are not a good fit or your child requires accommodations beyond what we can reasonably provide, we won’t be able to complete enrollment, but we may be able to refer you to other resources.

The State of Washington, Department of Early Learning (DEL) licenses childcare programs for a set amount of children based on a formula of square-footage per child. Our licensed spaces allow us to accept up to 80 children at any one time. Enrollment is on a “first come, first serve” basis for each time slot. During the enrollment period (beginning April 1st), when we receive the 80th registration, the BT office creates a “wait list” for each afternoon time slot or summer program day. We will then notify families, as each day or afternoon space becomes available.

Blazing Trails has developed a method of enrollment that makes these limited spots “stretch” to help meet the needs of as many families as possible. We allow people to choose any days they need for each time slot. This means that if one family needs only Monday and Thursday afternoons, they can “share” an afternoon spot with another family who needs Tuesday and Wednesday. This leaves Friday available for yet another family who’s had an emergency and needs drop-in care for a Friday afternoon. Any drop-in requests, morning or afternoon, must be scheduled ahead of time through the BT office.

Enrollment is completed when we receive the finished Information Packet with emergency/medical information, signed consent forms, permissions and family agreement, completed and signed emergency preparedness form, up-to-date immunization record and the signed comprehensive signature page. All parents/guardians must sign the consent-to-provide-care form. Enrollment may be cancelled if only one parent signs unless certain mitigating circumstances or court orders apply. Custodial & non-custodial or shared-custodial parents may choose to share an information packet or each fill out the packet separately. Both parents must also indicate who or in what shared capacity tuition is to be paid. Please, see Rights & Responsibilities (400s) and Tuition & Fees (500s) for more information that may affect children with multiple custodial parents.

If your child has NOT been immunized or is missing immunizations (based on King Co. Health’s public school enrollment requirements), for whatever reason, you will also need to sign a release freeing Blazing Trails from liability should your child contract or spread an illness or disease for which he/she could have been immunized. Please, see Immunization (740) for more details.

If your child suffers from a severe allergy, food allergy, asthma or other life threatening condition, please see Severe Allergies/Asthma/Life-Threatening Condition Policy (730) for more information about additional forms and procedures.

Continued enrollment at Blazing Trails is subject to parents, other family members, child(ren) and any of their emergency contacts or other designees adherence to the policies and procedures of Blazing Trails as outlined in the handbook.

Parents/guardians must notify Blazing Trails’ office immediately, in the event of changes in any of the packet or registration information collected at the time of enrollment or any time thereafter. Failure to do so may result in your child or children no longer being enrolled in the program. Please Note:

  • Blazing Trails is not responsible in any way for the consequences of inaccurate or incomplete information.

  • The completed Registration Form and Tuition Agreement are not meant to serve as contracts guaranteeing services for any duration. 

  • Blazing Trails reserves the right to refuse registration or dismiss any parent/guardian, other family member or child at any time.

612 - Drop-ins

You may use Blazing Trails for additional time beyond what you’ve already requested if space is available. BT office staff must always approve any request before attendance. You may also choose to register as Drop-in Only rather than have a permanent schedule. This requires a registration fee, filling out the drop-in registration forms and completing other paperwork. You will be mailed an invoice of all drop-in charges at the end of each month, due immediately upon receipt unless you choose to pay at time of service. There is a set drop-in fee for the extra time used or we may choose to charge at the per hour rate of $6.00/hour at our discretion. Please, see the separate Drop-in Information - Registration form for exact charges and more information.


Notify us as soon as possible of any drop-in requests and we will try our best to accommodate you based on our enrollment. Enrollment is limited by licensing requirements, so we may not always be able to accommodate your drop-in requests. Please, see Licensing Information (210) for more information and feel free to call us with any questions.

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