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Frequently asked questions

What is Blazing Trails?

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Where is BT located?

We are located at Pathfinder K-8 Elementary, which shares their space with us. Our main entrance is located to the right of Pathfinder's; the door which opens to the front playground.

Is my child eligible to register?

Pending space availability, BT is open to children ages 5-12. During the school year, we serve primarily Pathfinder K-8 and Seattle-area students. For more information, visit our Registration page.

Should I send my child with a bag lunch?


During our school-year afterschool program, BT provides students access to breakfast in the morning, and a snack in the afternoon.

During the summer program, your child is expected to bring a bag lunch to be eaten at BT between the provided morning and afternoon snack.

Can I send treats to BT with my child on their birthday?


Bringing treats is a wonderful way to help us celebrate your child on their birthday, and we encourage it!
If you do decide to bring treats, please avoid tree nuts, make sure your child is comfortable with being on the receiving end of a "Happy Birthday" song, and that you have enough treats for all the kids.

My child takes regular medication/supplements. Can you accomodate their dosage schedule?


BT is licensed to provide medication to your child while they are in our care. Because teachers are always connected by two-way radio, children can be called to the kitchen to have their 'vitamins' and returned to their class quickly, whether they are finishing up their homework, a LEGO creation, or exploring our Green Belt trails. BT prioritizes disgretion and the minimization of any disruption to your child's day in this process.