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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Blazing Trails?
    Blazing Trails is a non-profit childcare organization. We offer a before and after school program, and a summer program, available for children ages 5-12.
  • Where is BT located?
    We are located at Pathfinder K-8. Our main entrance is located to the right of Pathfinder's.
  • Is my child eligible to register?
    Blazing Trails is licensed to provide care for children ages 5-12. During the school year, we serve primarily Pathfinder K-8 and Seattle-area students, as we use SPS transportation to and from our site. During our summer program, we are able to accept children from all over the city/state/country so long as they have reliable parent/guardian based transportation to and from our site. For more information, visit our Registration page.
  • Should I send my child with a bag lunch?
    This is only required during summer and all-day care days, such as school breaks. During our school year program, BT provides students access to breakfast in the morning and a snack in the afternoon. During the summer program, your child is expected to bring a lunch (nothing that requires heating or refrigeration) to be eaten at BT between the provided morning and afternoon snack.
  • Can I send treats to BT with my child on their birthday?
    Yes! Bringing treats is a wonderful way to help us celebrate your child on their birthday, and we encourage it! Per current guidelines, all treats must have ingredient labels. Please remember to avoid tree nuts! You will also need to make sure your child is comfortable with being on the receiving end of a "Happy Birthday" song and that you have enough treats for all of the kids.
  • My child takes regular medication/supplements. Can you accomodate their dosage schedule?
    Yes. BT is licensed to provide medication to your child while they are in our care. Because teachers are always connected by two-way radio, children can be called to the kitchen to have their 'vitamins' and returned to their class quickly. BT prioritizes discretion and the minimization of any disruption to your child's day in this process. Parents are required to follow the Dispensing Medication Policy (722) if their child must receive medication during the course of the day at BT. It is vital that parents/guardians always talk to a staff member directly about any medication or changes to current medication (1)in advance or (2)as their child is dropped off for the day, and fill out any paperwork fully before they leave.
  • Who should I make my check out to?
    All payments should be addressed to Blazing Trails Childcare. Please feel free to mail in your payment: Blazing Trails’ Childcare 1901 SW. Genesee Street Seattle, WA 98106
  • What is your child-to-staff ratio?
    State licensing guidelines state that we must maintain at least a 15:1 student/teacher ratio. Our goal is to maintain at least an 11:1 student/teacher ratio. At BT, kids decide for themselves how to spend a sizable chunk of their time by choosing from an array of options presented by staff members. Some activities such as team sports may go as high as a ratio of 15:1 (never over). Others may go as low as 4 or 5:1. Administrative staff members, not considered by us as part of the ratio count, are also available on-site to step in when needed. Please, see the family handbook section entitled: Staff to Child Ratios (810) for more information.
  • If your child is unsure/anxious about attending childcare (especially drop-off)...
    Blazing Trails believes it is best in these circumstances for you to create a “goodbye” routine with your child and follow it exactly every day that they are in our care. This could include reading a short book, or a hug then a wave goodbye from the window. A goodbye routine prepares your child for you to leave and gives the comfort of predictability. Parents/guardians are asked to leave directly after saying goodbye. It is important for your child that goodbyes not drag on. The longer the parent of an anxious child drags out the departure, the more anxiety the child is likely to feel and/or express. The staff member present in the classroom will comfort and assist the child through any anxious time; usually it’s just long enough for the parent to be out of earshot. Our Blazing Trails’ staff members are always available to discuss other options or be a part of your routine, if your child does not settle easily.
  • Do you accomodate children with severe allergies?
    Yes. If you have listed a health condition such as allergies, food allergies, asthma, or other serious health concerns on your child’s registration packet, you must fill out one of the following forms as applicable to better enable us to help your child. These forms should be completed at the time of enrollment or when the allergy/condition is discovered, and be updated every six months, or more frequently as needed. BT staff is not responsible for any challenges that arise from missing or inaccurate information. All forms are available in the BT office: ADA Individual Plan of Care – This is an outline for generating detailed instructions for B.T. staff when caring for your child’s condition or special needs that we will create with you. Blazing Trails should also be provided a copy of any additional physician’s orders and procedural guidelines relating to the prevention and treatment of your child’s condition. Plan for Allergic Reactions – This form is specific to allergies including food allergies. There is also an accompanying form for your child’s health care provider to fill out concerning specific allergy information. Individual Asthma Plan – This form creates a plan specific to your child’s asthma management. For the safety of your child, parents/guardians are required to sign and return an authorization for us to provide the emergency care outlined in your plan. This form will also be a release and waiver of Blazing Trails’ liability for administering this treatment and taking other the necessary actions as set forth in the child’s specific health plan, provided Blazing Trails’ staff exercises reasonable care in taking such actions.
  • How are food allergies handled during mealtimes?
    Because there are so many types of allergies and food sensitivities, our staff prioritize making all of our provided snacks nut-free, as peanuts & tree nuts are the most common allergies. Children are always encouraged to finish their lunches at snack time if they bring one from home and chose not to eat it all during lunch. A designated "nut free" table is set up as a safe place for children with allergies to sit and eat. Their friends may join them as well, providing they have "safe" foods. This table is also provided during school breaks and summer. If your child has any kind of allergy, Blazing Trails does require the corresponding additional paperwork. BT staff is not responsible for any challenges that arise from missing or inaccurate information.
  • Does BT require my child's immunization record?
    Yes. Blazing Trails is required by law to maintain accurate and up-to-date immunization records on your child. We will provide you with an Immunization Record form at the time of enrollment. Enrollment is not considered to be complete until this form is signed and returned. Since your child’s school also has this requirement, you are welcome to request a copy of your child’s immunization form from the school office for our use or vice versa. Blazing Trails may NOT make this request for you as your records are private and are considered your property. We may accept a child into the program who is not current with immunizations on a conditional basis if immunizations are: (a) Initiated before or on enrollment; and (b) Completed as soon as medically possible. Please, ensure that you are educated about vaccinations. If you have any questions about their safety, effectiveness and importance to our community. Here is a link to King Co. Health where you can find good answers: and this article in particular does a great job of answering questions clearly: If you choose NOT to have your child immunized, there is a Certificate of Exemption form that must be signed and returned. You may also need to sign a release freeing Blazing Trails from any and all liability resulting from your choice should your child contract or spread an illness or disease for which they could have been immunized.
  • My child has a phone/electronic device. What should they do with it while at BT?
    Blazing Trails acknowledges the importance of cell phones for communication between family members and our older students. However, these phones must remain turned off while students are at BT due to program disruption. Parents and students know they can contact each other during our hours of operation through our office phones. Students must have staff permission before turning on their phones to make a call. Any phone calls made on these phones will be restricted to communication with parents/guardians only. Electronic devices other than a necessary accommodation for a special need will be classified as a “toy” as defined in policy 670. An agreement specific to the individual child between the Director and parents will need approval if a device is to be used as an accommodation.
  • Should my child bring a toy from home?
    No. Due to the risk of damage, sharing issues, and potential loss of the item, children are not permitted to bring in toys from home unless specifically requested by the BT teacher for use as part of the curriculum. All toys brought in for use as part of the curriculum and/or for rest time will be inspected by BT staff for safety and appropriateness and may be prohibited at their sole discretion. “Toys” above is defined as but not limited to: stuffed/plastic animals, dolls, cars, game cards, basketballs, electronic pets, electronic games of any kind, objects that make electronic sounds, board/card/table games, etc. We reserve the right to define anything a child brings from home as a “toy” for the purposes of implementing this policy. Parents/guardians are responsible for enforcing this policy with their child. Parents are encouraged to consult with a BT staff member should they find their child is having difficulty with this policy.
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